Thursday, August 6, 2009

WS Rendra, still life

The artist WS Rendra died in Mitra Keluarga Hospital, Kelapa Gading, North Jakarta, on Thursday 6 August 2009 at 22:10 pm. Buried after Friday prayers on August 7 2009 at TPU Bengkel Theater Rendra, Cipayung, Citayam, Depok.

Si Burung Merak, called for the writer, started career in art with up "Bengkel Theatre" in 1967 at Yogyakarta after back from American Academy of Dramatical Art (1964 - 1967). WAS Rendra, devote most of his life in the world of literature and theater. Rhyme, poetry, and drama of his work has become a legend among lovers of art and literature and theater in the country, even abroad. Entering the world of literature for something that is not accidental but is an aspiration and intention since early.

His works are smelly protest action at the time the students are very active in the year 1978, making full Willibrordus man named Surendra Broto Rendra, this was arrested by the government in power at that time. Many more of his works are well known, such as Blues for Bonnie, Pamphleten van een Dichter, State of Emergency, Sajak Seorang Tua tentang Bandung Lautan Api, Mencari Bapak.. Even in between the rhythm-sajaknya have already translated into English as Rendra: Ballads and Blues: Poems by Oxford University Press in 1974. Similarly drama script that has a lot of his work dipentaskan, such as the oedipus Rex, Kasidah Barzanji TROYA War Will Not burst, and so forth

Principles based on the philosophy that art is art that serve to freedom, honesty and harmony, have made his works still live long into the future. Even though he was at this time has left us all, but his works provide inspiration for many people, especially Indonesia.

Willy, god bless you

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Lomba Foto Lingkungan

Terhubung, Kita Peduli
Trendsetter Peduli Lingkungan
Ikutilah Lomba Fotonovela StoS 2010
Hadiah Total Rp 8 Juta untuk 5 pemenang

‘Fotonovela sudah membantu masyarakat Latin di
California untuk memerangi obesitas dengan cara mengkomunikasikan gaya hidup
sehat,’ Helda L. Pinzon-Perez, PhD, Departemen Ilmu Kesehatan,
California State University.

Fotonovela adalah sebuah karya yang berupa rangkaian foto
yang dilengkapi dengan teks cerita. Foto dan novel. Itulah Fotonovela. StoS
Film Festival ingin membuat Fotonovela menjadi media penghubung,
mengkomunikasikan apa masalah lingkungan dan bagaimana kita peduli.

Kali ini Fotonovela yang dilombakan dalam bentuk tayangan
powerpoint slide. Maksimal durasi penayangan 7 menit untuk seluruh slide, dan
maksimal 20 detik untuk setiap satu slide. Naskah akan dikirim dalam bentuk
Power Point (*.ppt atau *.pps).

karya Fotonovelamu dalam bentuk CD atau DVD. Lengkapi dengan nama, nomor
KTP/SIM, tempat tanggal lahir, nomor kontak, email, dan alamat lengkap. Kirim
dalam amplop tertutup paling lambat 31 Oktober 2009, cap pos. Tulis dipojok kiri
atas amplop : FOTONOVELA STOS 2010, kirim ke alamat berikut:
(up. Voni Novita)
Jl. Mampang Prapatan II no 30
Jakarta Selatan 12790

Lomba : Kita Terhubung, Kita Peduli
Tema ini
bisa mengekpresikan apa saja disekeliling kamu, yang bercerita tentang kondisi
lingkungan, dari pangkal penyebab perusakan lingkungan, dampaknya, serta apa
kaitannya dengan kita. Dan bagaimana kita peduli. Misalnya, tentang darimana
kertas berasal, dibuat, dipakai, dan kemana limbahnya dibuang.

itu bisa juga terkait apa saja disekeliling kita, yang bercerita tentang
kepedulian terhadap lingkungan.

cerita fotonovela harus faktual (bukan fiksi). Bisa jadi cerita warga yang
bersepakat menjaga hutannya dari penebangan kayu, pembukaan kebun sawit skala
besar atau penggalian bahan tambang yang merusak. Atau kisah pemulung yang
inspiratif. Bisa juga cerita rekan anda yang mengganti penggunaan transportasi
untuk ke kantor. Dan masih banyak lagi.

yang dinilai?
dengan tema, alur cerita, pesan yang ingin disampaikan, originalitas, serta
estetika.Info lebih lanjut
klik www.stosfestival. org

tenggat waktunya?
Oktober 2009 cap pos.

jika ingin berdiskusi lebih lanjut tentang Fotonovela dan lomba ini?
hubungi panitia South to South 2010 untuk lomba Fotonovela melalui Dwi
Rahardiani pada email dwi.rahardiani@


Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Indonesia remain stable

Shortly after the bombing on 17 July shaken Indonesia, which came much speculation in these events. And giant club from the UK, MU failed to compete against Indonesia All star team. The President was responding hard enough and a point efforts discomfiture of the election. World view issues while political stability of Indonesia, but a week later everything went as usual. Economic activity also appeared to remain normal, beyond the analysis of allegations that many economists expect the Indonesian economy will be affected.

Indonesia as the largest archipelago country in the world is indeed a remarkable attraction. Each political agenda is always the attention of the world, including events that are happening. Indonesia really have a lot of ethnic and racial, as well as various religious party with a majority of mainstream Muslims. Also a country that is being grown to become one of the world's largest democracy, with a quite difficult geographical and community education that have not been enough. This is unique to the level of difficulty and age as a country that is still relatively young. Indonesia free on August 17, 1945.

In the era of capitalism the world economy has been paralyzed, the Indonesian economy was still able to grow better than developed countries that are experiencing crisis. The world will continue to change, so that Indonesia is not in control by the various interests overseas. Although many are foreign agents always try to disrupt the political interests of Indonesia. But time and history will record that the Indonesian state and nation is not weak, although it will always be friendly with the countries and nations everywhere.

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

MU vs Indonesia All-Star

Garuda Di Dadaku, a title of the film the children who recently played in cinemas all over Indonesia during the school holiday season, is feasible in a wide appreciation. An effort to resurrect the spirit of nationalism through the world of sports, the situation began fading among the younger generation of Indonesia.

Almost simultaneously with the completion of the party presidential election, the Indonesian people will be guests of the world club football giants, Manchester United. Manchester United will be doing the Tour Asianya this season in the four countries. During five days, 'Red Devils', will spend time in Indonesia; longer than other countries. On Monday 20 July or the date right at 20:00 WIB, akan MU kick-off to fight against India friendship All Star, who dikabarkan akan memperebutkan a cup that has not announced his name.

This is a great honor for the people of Indonesia audience impressions league-league in Europe. Indonesia lover enthusiasm ball up the team's plan coming English football giants Manchester United are very visible. Although the match against MU eksebisi All Star Team of Indonesia is still long, but 65 percent of tickets sold in May. Today, 4 days before the game, all tickets already sold. Of 77-thousand tickets will be printed, 76-thousand tickets have been ordered.

Hopefully MU visits to Indonesia to increase the spirit of the Indonesian people to learn to be a good supporter. Also the values of nationalism in sports achievement.

Thursday, June 4, 2009

Slamet Mountain

Slamet mountain is a volcano located on the island of Java, Indonesia. Slamet mountain has a height of up to 3.432 meters. This mountain is located on the border and District Banyumas Pemalang Regency, Central Java Province.

Gunung Slamet is one of the mountain, which is the purpose of the expedition climber, both from the local area and other regions. This mountain has dipterokarp hill forest area, forest dipterokarp top, montane forest, and forest ericaceous or mountain forests.

Gunung Slamet skirt Purbalingga District, Banjarnegara, Banyumas, and Brebes. With the geographic position of 7 ° 14'30 "LS, 109 ° 12'30" BT and the height of 3432m dpl, is making the highest volcanoes in the area of Central Java. This mountain has four craters on the peak. Mountain which is located in the northern city of Purwokerto and west of the city Purbalingga also has several hot springs.

The last few months Slamet mountain activities have increased. Results and observation data in the Observation Post of Mount Slamet in Gambuhan, he said, from 26-27 April, earthquake shocks, and incandescent lava eruption from the mountain, tended to increase. On 26 April there are 222 earthquakes recorded eruption. This number increase to 333 times the earthquake eruption on 27 April. Thus, the activity of Mount Slamet not show a decline. Incandescent lava eruption also remain the same as the average altitude of between 50-600 meters.

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Indonesia Forest

Diversity of fauna in Indonesia is very high this is supported with the land, geographic location and climate conditions. This plus the diversity of plants as a habitat for animals. Forest destruction and the habitat that is home to animals still continues, so too with the hunting, catching, pollution, and others. One of the efforts to protect animals from extinction is a threat to the Law of Conservation of Natural Resources and Life Ekosistemnya. Until now, the number of animals that have been protected by law is 100 kinds of mammals, 246 birds and 29 reptilia, 6 kinds of fresh fish, and 20 types of butterfly and 15 species of marine animals vertebrata endangered have been reserved.

Each year, the Indonesian Government to consent to the clearing 1.8 million hectares of forest, or the same extent with the broad island of Bali. Not only that, Indonesia also predicate the state's fastest forest by the Guinness World Record.

Indonesia has a diversity of flora and fauna, more species than the number of Africa. Ten percent (10%) of all flowering plant species in Indonesia (+ / - 27,500 species in Australia), 12% types of mammal in the world, 16% type of reptilia and amphibia of the world (+ / - 1539 species), 25% species of fish in the world and 17% birds in the world. Among these species there are 430 species of birds and 200 mammals that does not exist in other places and only in Indonesia, for example orangutans, Komodo biawak, sumatera tiger, rhinoceros bred, rhinoceros sumatera and several types of birds (birds of paradise). (Source: BAPPENAS. Biodiversity Action Plan for Indonesia, 1993 & World Conservation Monitoring Committee, 1994).

Tropical rain forest in Indonesia consists of many tree. Approximately 4,000 species that grow on the formation of various types of forests and forest and are known around 400 species of trees have been known commercial timber value.

Tegal people have their own tea

Tegal Tea (better known as the tea poci; also Slawi tea) is the typical tea Tegal, Indonesia. This special tea aroma and taste quite sepet. This meal is served drinks with sugar and more fitting stone drunk while still warm, slightly hot.

Culture poci tea or moci has become a tradition for Tegal, is due to the growth of the tea factories in Tegal in 1930-an who was evoke tradition. Tea into incentive since the colonial era up to now and has become the local culture.

Kabupaten Tegal indeed have a lot of tea plantations and industries, both large and small, among others, PT. Gunung Slamet whose products include Cap Poci Tea, Tea Bottle Cap, Cap Berko Tea, Tea "Trumpet", Tea "Brand Shoes", Tea "Sosro" and also the supplier of raw materials for the PT. Sinar Sosro with products Sosro Bottle Tea, Fruit Tea, and S-tee and Tebs. Also PT. Naga pole that produces tea and Tang Two Tjatoet Tea, Tea Company "Two Birds" producing Tong Tji.

To meet the demand supply of the tea industry in Tegal, some raw materials shipped from the West is the largest tea production centers in Indonesia. Supply of leaf tea plantation West Java is then processed in factories Tegal into several types of tea. In addition to fragrant jasmine tea (jasmine tea), also produced the type of green tea and black tea.

Tegal tea or often called Slawi tea, became special when served with the hot water in poci gerabah, Poci Tea is served with rock sugar. That makes it become like that because, when served with tea in hot water, which gerabah-permeable pore that react with the tea and cause the characteristic odor. Some like tea, if presented in poci ceramic or porcelain. According to them, in this poci, steaming hot tea detained in ceramic wall so hard that any type of tehnya, the smell will not be damaged.

Gerabah is very unique in its use. If you buy gerabah (poci) for use at home, that do not directly fill it with hot water and tea and then you drink. Gerabah this should be filled with hot water and tea as "rendaman" for 7 days. Change the water and tea every day. This is meant to smell the original clay of the gerabah can be removed with a tea fragrance, so fresh when used heavily to drink.